Revit® Landscape?

No, unfortunately there isn't any word on a Revit® Landscape, but the amount of excellent landscape components around suggests it wouldn't be hard to do.
There are 2 excellent resources for additional landscape or planting content, namely RPC (from Archvision) and Bionatics.

Importantly, both services offer Australian content, the RPC pack having a special pack for US$129.

Some RPC content ships with the Revit installation, and has both a cut and projection "symbol" or symbolic block, and a high resolution image map for rendering (with foilage and shadow casting!). Additional packs can be purchased direct from Archvision at

Bionatics is a French company that specialise in trees and landscape items, through a service called a virtural nursery. The content looks amazing, although they dont list Revit models as such, they are VIZ, ADT and MAX compatible.

I'd be keen to hear about other resources that have Australian content.