The new - version 2.0!

Since may of 2003, when was launched, many of users have requested upgrades and improvements to the site. After 3 years it was decided it was time for a major overhaul. It is hoped version 2.0 will prove to be an even better experience for users than before. Below you will find a list of the improvements, upgrades and additions to the site.

  • New Design
  • Printable versions of Tutorials
  • Improved chat system, with chat admins to help control activity there
  • Invite other users that are currently online to chat with you
  • Site Polls
  • Edit/Delete gallery images that you've posted
  • Improved site searching with more relevant results
  • Ability for user to customize the home page
The organization of families and patterns has undergone a major overhaul. Patterns and families have been combined into a single group now called objects, this will allow for better control and organization of the objects. Objects can now be sorted in the folder tree by CSI MasterFormat 04, and the organization system you are already used to. In addition, the content tree can also be sorted by manufacturer and manufacturer logo's can be displayed on the site.

Below is a brief list of the major upgrades to the downloadable content system:

  • Users can edit their own uploaded content.
  • Versioning of objects if replacments are uploaded.
  • Ability to add the version of Revit used to create the content.
  • Manufacturer Tree
  • Tree
  • CSI MasterFormat 04 Tree
  • Accepted upload file types include .rfa, .rfa, .rvt, .rvg, .rte, .dwf, .pat, .mlib, .txt, .jpg, .gif, .tif, .png, .bmp, .csv and more.
  • CSV spreadsheet files can provide additional information about objects.
  • 2D & 3D DWF files can be uploaded to provide 3D previewing before downloading.
  • Zip Cart allows up to 10 objects to be zipped and downloaded at once.
  • Improved Object search engine.
  • Objects are scored based on rating and the number of downloads it reward users who contribute more useful content.