New Revit Building "build" public release - 2006_0928_2300

Hopefully the wait is worth it ... as Autodesk has finally released for public download the long-awaiting 9.1 "update" build. 2006_0928_2300.
This build addresses the following issues.

  • File inconsistencies stemming from the upgrade process
  • Behavior of Rooms with Plan regions
  • Improvements in snap to DWG
  • Filtering as it relates to the Save-to-Central function
  • Unexpected behavior when using the spacebar
  • Placing revision tables inside of titleblock families issue
  • Irregularities within the Keynote function
  • Inconsistencies when upgrading template
  • Issues with portable license utility
Clients of mine have been using the pre-release build (posted below) without issue. I have used it for the last 2 days ... so far so good! m@