Download the Latest Version of FlexLM (LMTOOLS)

When updating your version of Revit on a network licence installation, dont forget to update the Licence Manager program that resides on the server. FlemLM otherwise known as LMTools.
The appropriate version will be included on the installation CD/DVD.
However, to ensure you have the latest version, this link if very handy.

iTunes for Revit family files!! Content Highway (beta)

OK, perhaps that comparison is little over the top, but the potential is certainly there.

Addressing a major limitation with managing family file content with the Revit interface, Digital Building Solutions has released a beta of a program called Content Highway.

Content Highway Desktop is a content management solution for Autodesk Revit that allows you to manage Revit family (RFA) files on your computer and optionally publish them to Content Highway Web for sharing and collaboration. Key features are:

  • manage Revit families on your computer and network
  • publish your families to the internet for communal sharing
  • simultaneous grid and thumbnail dualview
  • dynamic resizing of thumbnails using a slider
  • find families using instantaneous "search as you type" methods
  • assign and edit family properties
  • sort families by any number of fields, including Supplier, Uniformat, Masterformat, Path, Filename, Cost, etc.
  • associate custom images to families
  • associate multiple URLs to families
  • create URL 'thumbshots'
  • link Suppliers products to families
  • create local Suppliers list
  • classification by Revit Category, Supplier, Uniformat, Masterformat 95, Masterformat 04
  • drag drop families into Revit
  • type catalog editor
  • manage types from catalog files (coming later)
  • manage types from Revit (RVT) project files (coming later)
Too good to be true?? Lets hope not.

Visit the beta download site at:

Happy New Year - and a belated Xmas gift

Happy New Year! Well, whilst most of us are eagerly awaiting Revit 10 (late March 2007 so the traps have it) - Autodesk are still not finished with Revit 9.1.

They have just released a new build, imaginatively titled 120206.

This build, (20061202_0700), addresses several support requests concerning revit-based release 9.1 project files.Support requests related to the following areas have been addressed:
  • Export of projects with linked RVT files to the 3D DWF™ file format
  • Occasional corruptions within default template files
  • “Cannot load element” messages preventing the ability to Save To Central
  • Behavior of dimension witness lines for cropped objects
  • Visual fidelity of objects when printing files with linked files
  • Door swings from linked RVT files that would not vector print or export
  • Selecting of level annotations
  • Anomalies invoked by exceeding maximum array size
  • Loading of families into local files
The link for the latest build is here - sorry about the lack of wrapping paper and a card.