Pen-widths and line-weights in REVIT?? Of course ...

For those contemplating the move from 2D CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) to 3D CADD (Computer Aided Design and Documentation**), the question I am asked often is how does Revit handle line-weights and pen-widths? The assumption being that default view that Revit uses to display cut and projects of the 3D object can't possibly suit all to the people all of the time.
In my experience, its almost does, but for those amongst you who need the finite control, this posting from L.A.CAD is a great entry to the display (and then printing) variables at your finger tips.

In Revit we may not be aware of the fact that we CAN change the default way the components show up in different views, i.e. Plan, Section, etc. and at different scales ... >> Read more here >>

** Acronyms abound in all industries, but in Architecture and Design, they are absolutely everywhere. From my research, CADD was unfortunately replaced by CAD (which consigned the computer to a drawing board with a screen for almost 20 years.) But now with the advancement in affordable computing power (more so then software), CADD returns again to the fore, joining BIM and a whole new raft of terms.

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