Happy New Year - and a belated Xmas gift

Happy New Year! Well, whilst most of us are eagerly awaiting Revit 10 (late March 2007 so the traps have it) - Autodesk are still not finished with Revit 9.1.

They have just released a new build, imaginatively titled 120206.

This build, (20061202_0700), addresses several support requests concerning revit-based release 9.1 project files.Support requests related to the following areas have been addressed:
  • Export of projects with linked RVT files to the 3D DWF™ file format
  • Occasional corruptions within default template files
  • “Cannot load element” messages preventing the ability to Save To Central
  • Behavior of dimension witness lines for cropped objects
  • Visual fidelity of objects when printing files with linked files
  • Door swings from linked RVT files that would not vector print or export
  • Selecting of level annotations
  • Anomalies invoked by exceeding maximum array size
  • Loading of families into local files
The link for the latest build is here - sorry about the lack of wrapping paper and a card.