Revit update (9.1) and AutoCAD 2007 SP1

Autodesk have recently released Revit 9.1, which is a combination of the 4 build releases and a few new features in the AUSENU default template**
Addiontally, a service pack (SP1) has been released for AutoCAD2007, and a particular one for AutoCAD2007 as part of Revit Series (Revit and AutoCAD 'bundle'.)
Both are available from the link(s) below:

AutoCAD 2007 (Revit Series) Service Pack 1

Revit Building 9.1 Release

**You will note that the default AUSENU template .rte is a whopping 16mb! Yes, its a "oversight" that slipped through according to the Revit developers I emailed. It will revert to the normal 8mb in V10. I will hope to post a revised AUSENU template on the site which has purged the offending component or family file.

Revit Tip - Degrees Minutes and Seconds ...

Finally able to solve this for a client the other day.

Apparently, in Western Australia, all roofing measurements are given in documentation as Degrees Mintues and Seconds (Do M' S").
You can change your units and measurements settings in Revit to DMS**, but then actually inputting the data seems difficult as there is no 'o' symbol key (or easily memorable shortcut key).

However, in Revit wisdom, if you input the data as 45 45 45 (45o 45' 45") with spaces between the values, Revit will automatically assume the degrees, minutes and the seconds. Easy!!
Yes, it would be nice if this was a little more obvious, and I have made that suggestion direct to the Revit team.

** Revit > Settings > Project Units > Angle > select DMS from the drop down.

DG CAD: Great content - Great guy!! ;-)

While the site looks like it was designed by someones grandchild, it is up to date with the latest REVIT 9 release. A good source of free tutorials which you can view online or download.
Lets hope some graphic style and taste finds its way into the site at some stage.

UPDATED: Well, who would have thought. Daryl, the owner and editor of DG CAD, saw my post and replied to me. OK, so calling the design of his website "crap" is a little harsh in hindsight ... and I have certainly learnt my lesson that nothing you say on the internet is "private". And I cant talk about this site at the moment, as I am "between templates" ... Thanks Daryl, and certainly keep up the great work! m@

BIM World; Bad name - good site

Unfortunately not the most orginially named, but a great site for manufacturer content (US centric at the moment). Family files are "hidden" under BIMLibrary > Downloads > and then arranged by manufacturer (sponsor).
Hosts components for all BIM capable packages, like ArchiCAD and Revit (and some AutoCAD DWG's - not that AutoCAD is true BIM).
Lets hope more Australian manufacturers get onboard - or start up a rival site.

REVITCity - one of the first and still the best

Amazing site, with the best family file search tool "Family Explorer" (sounds like a car), and a fantastic collection of links, relevant articles, and tutorials.
Free registration and worth making it a part of your daily Revit roundups!

BHP / Bluescope supports Revit through

Great news! BHP (through Bluescope, Lysaghts, Fielders and every other steel manufacturer they now own) supports REVIT by hosting steel profiles, components and material maps in REVIT family format.

Register for free, then use either the flash based CAD Panel, or search for you steel profile using the Advance search and selecting REVIT as your program type. Incredibly comprehensive, and let's hope other manufacturers get the hint and incorporate REVIT in their product resources. Stay tuned.

Bruce Gow, Revit Specialist: Brisbane, Australia


Bruce Gow, Revit Specialist: Brisbane, Australia

Bruce is a practicing architect as well as an application specialist with an Autodesk reseller. According to his site, he loves using Revit and showing others how to get the best from it. And his blog REVITALIZE shows it. Good source of tech tips and other links.