Make an Impression® (Preview Now Available)

"Impress colleagues and clients with presentation-ready graphics created directly from your CAD drawings. With Autodesk® Impression, you can add everything from distinct linetypes to textured color fills using prebuilt styles or styles that you create by editing strokes, effects, texture, patterns, and more."

Now the wraps have finally come off the worst kept secret in Autodesk (on purpose probably), I am please to post a link to the public Technology Preview (like a Beta) of Autodesk Impressions® - Autodesk's answer to 2D visualisations and renders, and a pretty good pitch for traditional Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Freehand users.

I have been on the Beta developement for this and I am particularly impressed (especially as its a big shift for Autodesk into the vector graphics realm). But so far so good. At one stage Autodesk asks for feedback on some "bylines" for the marketing effort. I am now thinking it should be:

Autodesk Impressions® : Colouring-in for Big Kids!