Revit update (9.1) and AutoCAD 2007 SP1

Autodesk have recently released Revit 9.1, which is a combination of the 4 build releases and a few new features in the AUSENU default template**
Addiontally, a service pack (SP1) has been released for AutoCAD2007, and a particular one for AutoCAD2007 as part of Revit Series (Revit and AutoCAD 'bundle'.)
Both are available from the link(s) below:

AutoCAD 2007 (Revit Series) Service Pack 1

Revit Building 9.1 Release

**You will note that the default AUSENU template .rte is a whopping 16mb! Yes, its a "oversight" that slipped through according to the Revit developers I emailed. It will revert to the normal 8mb in V10. I will hope to post a revised AUSENU template on the site which has purged the offending component or family file.