Revit Tip - Degrees Minutes and Seconds ...

Finally able to solve this for a client the other day.

Apparently, in Western Australia, all roofing measurements are given in documentation as Degrees Mintues and Seconds (Do M' S").
You can change your units and measurements settings in Revit to DMS**, but then actually inputting the data seems difficult as there is no 'o' symbol key (or easily memorable shortcut key).

However, in Revit wisdom, if you input the data as 45 45 45 (45o 45' 45") with spaces between the values, Revit will automatically assume the degrees, minutes and the seconds. Easy!!
Yes, it would be nice if this was a little more obvious, and I have made that suggestion direct to the Revit team.

** Revit > Settings > Project Units > Angle > select DMS from the drop down.