"and now ... the end is near ... "

Dear readers ... if any of you are out there still.

Yes, its been a while, almost the longest break in blogging history.

Last post, 8th of Feburary 2007 ... 15 months in the blogging/working/marrying/honeymooning/job changing/life changing/travelling wilderness ... yes, its hard to imagine, but I have had better things to do.

And in that time, a plethora (you should try to use that word at least once a day - thats my count achieved) of fantastic blogs, logs, groups and sites have popped up, as well as this new fandangled thing called Facebook!! It wont catch on :-)

So now, as the end is near, I am passing the batton (he already took it without asking!) to Gregory Arkin, better known as Revit 1.0, or
http://www.revit3d.com/ man. http://bimboom.blogspot.com/

If there is a more active blogger out there, please let me know. But I seriously, seriously doubt it.
Congratulations Gregory for taking the undisputed lead, and, in all seriousness, creating an amazing resource. And for having almost as many gadgets as me!!

So, "do yourself a favour" and bookmark his blog instead, and either delete this link, or save it for your grandkids!

And whilst your at Gregory's site, dont forget to vote for our AU paper! Gregory and Matt live on stage ... clothes on!


Lastly, thanks for reading ... and watch this (cyber) space!!

Cheers, m@